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Worst. Decade. Ever.

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Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas 
Linda and Ken

A Year in Pictures from the New York Times

Photographs The Year in Pictures
A look back at 2009: The Obama inauguration, foreclosures, swine flu, protests in Iran and more.

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Trident Missile Launch and Emergency Blow

This is video from Petty Officer 2nd Class Beeghly Dan Beeghly was on the USS Newport News (SSN 750) following a six-month deployment to the North Atlantic and Central Command Theater of Operations...

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‘Daily Show’ Skewers ACORN

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Italy's hopeless South

Southern Italy's ills

The messy mezzogiorno

Aug 13th 2009 | ROME
From The Economist print edition

A political row brings new attention to Italy’s neglected, but still troubled, south

THERE was a time when the problems of the Italian south, the mezzogiorno, seemed urgent not just for Italy but for all of Europe. Then new members with even poorer regions joined the European Union and the issue slipped off the agenda in Brussels and Rome. Silvio Berlusconi’s government does not even have a minister for the mezzogiorno—the peninsular south, plus Sicily and Sardinia. Yet the region’s problems have not gone away. It matters: the south accounts for a third of Italy’s population, half its unemployment and an immeasurable share of organised crime. Now the south is again a hot political issue, with more recent news coverage even than the prime minister’s sex scandals. Read the whole story here…..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Remembrance of things pasta

Forty years ago this summer, 12-year-old Anthony Martignetti was walking with friends near Pizzeria Regina in the North End when three men approached and asked for directions to Commercial Street. Read the story here......