Friday, January 4, 2008

Guzzo Stays In The Hole

Colombo associate Vito Guzzo, (right) who has pleaded guilty to a host of crimes, including five murders and the Mill Basin home robbery, became a bone of contention at Guidice's trial last week.
Prosecutors tried to use Guzzo's guilty plea as evidence against Guidice but Corozzo objected, arguing prosecutors could do that only if Guzzo was unavailable to testify.
Guzzo has been in Marion federal penitentiary since last year and not due out until 2030, but, Corozzo insisted that if the government subpoenaed him, he would testify, revealing an affidavit that Guzzo had provided him.
Surprised prosecutors reconsidered, and decided they didn't need his plea that badly.
No way were they going to allow the most violent Giannini crew member -- Guzzo shot one kneeling victim in the head as he begged for his life in a social club -- out of Marion after making a special request to put him there.
John Gotti at MarionSources said prison officials had assigned Guzzo to the maximum security prison in Leavenworth but before they could act on it, assistant U.S. attorney Walden objected and convinced prison officials that Guzzo was a "special case" who should be treated like Gotti and sent directly to Marion.
Walden and prison officials refused to disclose why Guzzo is housed at Marion, which is normally reserved for incorrigibles who have engaged in violence in other prisons. Said Walden: "The designation of Guzzo to Marion was entirely appropriate, given the pattern of violent activity that he has been involved in."

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